Un Amour de Swann – Second meeting Bookmarks

    There are 18 notes for this part of Un Amour de Swann. One cannot possibly cover all these in one meeting. However, each is worth a look beforehand, and the group can discuss a few of them. Number 11 – Swann goes out of circulation - Maintenant, tous les soirs, quand il l'avait… Continue reading Un Amour de Swann – Second meeting Bookmarks

Groupe Litteraire – Passages to Bookmark

    Notes for Un Amour de Swann To guide our discussion, I have marked out certain texts, and numbered them for everyone’s convenience. If as you read you just bookmark the place (use a mini-post-it) where you find each quotation, we will all be able to find the place at our meeting, even though… Continue reading Groupe Litteraire – Passages to Bookmark

London 2014

We first visited London in 1990, our first trip abroad. Up until 2014, we had not returned, despite having a wonderful time. We decided to go back and see more of London, and then go on by train to Paris, with a final destination in Normandy, where I planned to leave some of my mother's… Continue reading London 2014

A Conservative Who Admits Climate Change is Real and Due to Human Activity

Every now and then a new species is discovered. So it seems today with an article by Brian Nearing in the Albany Times Union (February 19, 2018). He tells of Bob Inglis, who has been trying to persuade his fellow Republicans that they have it all wrong in denying the reality of climate change. Inglis came… Continue reading A Conservative Who Admits Climate Change is Real and Due to Human Activity

Reminiscences of Sullivan’s Island

In 2015 we went for a January vacation at a rental house with two friends on Sullivan's Island, near Charleston, South Carolina. We had good weather, although it was not very warm. Our friends Fran and Mike were at the house when we arrived by taxi. The house was built on stilts to protect the living quarters from high seas… Continue reading Reminiscences of Sullivan’s Island