Seminar Review: The Science of Climate Change by Mimi Katz

This afternoon Dr. Mimi Katz gave a seminar for the RPI Physics department on climate science. The aim was to correct the impression left by Dr. Giaever's seminar, reviewed earlier on this blog. In a soft-spoken introduction Dr.  Bruce Watson outlined four areas of research in earth and environmental science that have impact on climate… Continue reading Seminar Review: The Science of Climate Change by Mimi Katz


Right Wing Hysteria

During the Republican presidential debate February 22 John King asked a question about birth control for all the candidates to consider. Newt Gingrich gave a short answer then attacked the press for not asking why Barack Obama voted for infanticide when he was a State Senator in Illinois. (He claimed this was to prevent prosecution… Continue reading Right Wing Hysteria

Seminar Review: Ivar Giaever on Global Warming

A lecture called “The strange case of “global warming” by Dr. Ivar Giaever was given on February 8 2012 at RPI. It was a classic armchair science critique. It was peppered with anecdotes, such as how much more nervous he was about a long ago conference appearance than he was at RPI (he meant to… Continue reading Seminar Review: Ivar Giaever on Global Warming