Deer in the Woods

There is a country club close to my home, and a fair number of my neighbors and I take walks in the grounds surrounding the course (we stay off the greens). Most walk on the service road, which affords nice views of a pond, some service buildings, and the course itself. But some of us, like me, follow an old horse trail that goes along a stream, where there is a waterfall or rapids. These days, I frequently encounter deer in these woods. Yesterday I saw a dozen of them, which I think may be the entire local population on the grounds. They were coming off the green, heading into the woods just in front of me. I stood very still, and could see them moving toward a land bridge that runs through the woods to a plateau where the groundskeepers have cut a lot of the trees. Two of the bucks toward the rear of the group spotted me, however, and they watched me intently for what seemed a very long time. The others rejoined them, and after a few minutes all headed back the way they had come, crossing the green and entering a patch of woods on the other side. My presence had spooked them.


One thought on “Deer in the Woods

  1. How beautiful! We used to have deer in the backyard until they built a development behind our woods. Judi gets them in her back yard very often. They are such graceful animals.

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