More on Separation of Church and State

A while ago I posted a piece on Bishop Hubbard's homily on the separation of church and state. There was something else in the article that bothered me. I wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper, which has now appeared here.  


Fathers and Sons

Maureen Dowd, taking off from an interview with Mike Nichols, has written an interesting column in the New York Times of March 25. The broad theme of her article is that sons rarely find their fathers supportive of their choices in life. For example, she quotes Nichols: "I know so many people — actors, directors,… Continue reading Fathers and Sons

Secularism Attacked

In a column that appeared in the Albany Times Union on March 17, Bishop Howard Hubbard, arguing against maintaining too great a distance between church and state, made the following statement: “Secularists define intolerance as the belief in exclusive truth claims that define right and wrong. They believe that any religious voice in a pluralistic… Continue reading Secularism Attacked