Doggy Bags

Il y a un problème qui arrive souvent aux États-Unis. Des restaurateurs veulent qu'aucun client ne parte avec faim. Les repas sont par conséquent trés abondants. Ça garantie que la plupart des clients ne puissent pas manger tout. Mais on peut éviter un gaspillage avec un sachet ou une boite avant qu'on demande l'addition. On… Continue reading Doggy Bags


The Stupid Society

The killings in Aurora Colorado have resurrected the question whether we ought to allow the acquisition of firearms to be so easy. To me, the insistence on the unrestricted possession of and carrying of firearms has gone beyond all reason. Today it is just stupid. It is no longer the 18th century.

Republican Smears – Racism and Xenophobia

In her column in the July 18, 2012 New York Times, Maureen Dowd takes the right wing to task for a series of ostensibly unrelated McCarthy-style smears on the President. Citing John Sununu's claim that the President is not American enough, or Rush Limbaugh's claims that the President hates America, that he was indoctrinated by… Continue reading Republican Smears – Racism and Xenophobia