Once again there has been a mass shooting in America, this time in suburban Connecticut. As President Obama said, there have been too many. It is time to do something meaningful to discuss them, to find out what if anything can be done.

It is not out of line to ask for a Congressional investigation. We need to get a handle on all the circumstances that can lead to these horrible crimes. We do not know, really, how to prevent them and will never know if there is not a strongly motivated and bipartisan attempt to get at the facts. The general features of course are well known: the criminal is often a young male with poor social skills or psychological problems and access to guns. If not killed by police, the shooter usually commits suicide rather than …rather than what? I cannot remember any of them leaving a suicide note.

Here is a link to an article on some facts pertinent to the discussion. They don’t all point in the same direction! In the USA, states with gun control laws have fewer shootings than those that do not. While helpful, gun control does not guarantee safety. Connecticut does have a gun control law. Gun violence is on the decline in the USA, but mass shootings seem to have increased since 2007. The South is more violent than other regions of the country. This suggests that a rural, conservative culture is more likely to foster violent conduct. Again, these are statistical tendencies – Connecticut is neither rural nor conservative.

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