Faith vs Fact

Jerry Coyne, Professor of Biology at the University of Chicago, has written a new book, “Faith vs Fact” (Viking, 2015). He explains his reason for writing by noting that, despite copious evidence for evolution, large numbers of people, even when familiar with the evidence; refuse to accept it, essentially for religious reasons. He begins by… Continue reading Faith vs Fact

A Bad Week for Religion

CNN (Feb 17) published a story, "Religion's Week from Hell", about the spate of atrocities, more or less religiously motivated, that took place in the previous week: "Across several continents, including North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, scores of religious believers suffered and died in brutal attacks over the past seven days. Christians, Muslims and… Continue reading A Bad Week for Religion

AC Grayling’s “The God Argument”

The philosopher A.C. Grayling is a Master and Supernumerary Fellow at the University of Oxford. He presents in "The God Argument," in a few short chapters, many of the arguments that philosophers have used to prove the existence of gods, following each with a critical analysis, and often a critical analysis of counter-arguments, dealing with… Continue reading AC Grayling’s “The God Argument”

Why America is More Religious than Europe

My correlation of data on human development index vs religiosity in the USA might be explained differently than by the security hypothesis. For example, founding populations were in many cases religious refugees seeking to escape persecution from governments  with established religions. Still, the security hypothesis to explain the correlation seemed pretty persuasive to me. I… Continue reading Why America is More Religious than Europe