Getting Medical Care in France

This post is about our experience with the French health system. We have not stayed in France longer than three weeks at a time, give or take a couple of days. So we cannot talk about long term interaction with the French medical system. Wonderful as it is, being in France does not protect you from colds,… Continue reading Getting Medical Care in France

How We Democrats Can Win

How can we win next time?   I do not need to go over the long list of Trump's transgressions. I take it for granted that he should never have been nominated by the Republicans, and should never have been elected. I recall however, that when Reagan was elected, and GW Bush later, they won despite sticking… Continue reading How We Democrats Can Win

Musée Grévin et La Tour Eiffel

We have friends who live in Louviers, not far from Rouen, whom we have known for almost twenty years and whom we visit every time we come to Paris. On our last Sunday, they and their children came to see us. Their teenage girl wore a stars-and-stripes theme blouse in honor of our visit, We all headed… Continue reading Musée Grévin et La Tour Eiffel

La Comtesse et Le Greffulhe – What’s In a Name?

Shortly after our arrival in Paris, we were surprised to see a new café, La Comtesse, at the corner of Avenue de Tourville and Avenue Duquesne. I was intrigued by the décor that I could see inside, and also the name. I thought "Which Comtesse?" The Comtesse Greffulhe perhaps? We went to lunch at the café a… Continue reading La Comtesse et Le Greffulhe – What’s In a Name?

Musée Delacroix and Le Jardin du Luxembourg

  In this post I would like to describe our visits to two of our favorite spots in Paris: the Delacroix Museum and the Jardin du Luxembourg. We took a bus to the Musée Delacroix, 6 Ave de Furstenburg. We had visited here before, but it was different this time, so quite worthwhile. Delacroix was a… Continue reading Musée Delacroix and Le Jardin du Luxembourg

Fondation Louis Vuitton and An Encounter at La Terrasse

Living in an apartment in Paris, even for a few days, affords opportunities that one would probably miss on a tightly packed vacation schedule. It was our chat with our agent Franz that clued us in to the new museum in the Bois du Boulogne, and a chance encounter with a fellow American that gave… Continue reading Fondation Louis Vuitton and An Encounter at La Terrasse

On the Trail of the Belle Epoque of Proust

In the morning we took the number 28 bus to the boulevard Haussmann to see the Musée Jaquemart-André, a distinctive Belle Epoque building inaugurated in 1876. It was designed by Henry Parent, who had lost the competition for constructing the Opera House, to hold and develop Edouard André's collection of mostly 18th century works. In… Continue reading On the Trail of the Belle Epoque of Proust

A Rainy Day in Paris

The morning showed streets shiny from an overnight rain. People were wearing jackets or carrying umbrellas. It was 57°F. Our plan was to stay home until it was time to go to the Opera, for which we had a voucher purchased online. It was June 6, the 73rd anniversary of the invasion of Normandy by the… Continue reading A Rainy Day in Paris

I Meet Michel Houellebecq, Learn a Story about Putin and François Hollande, Dine at Florimond, and Do Not Dine at Bustronome

Russian Orthodox Church Paris, Putin

  The book collection in the apartment where we stay has always been of interest. This time I picked up Michel Houllebecq's La Carte et Le Territoire, winner of the 2010 Prix Goncourt. The same author later published a book imagining France as an Islamic state in the future, coincidentally on the day of the… Continue reading I Meet Michel Houellebecq, Learn a Story about Putin and François Hollande, Dine at Florimond, and Do Not Dine at Bustronome

St. Sulpice and the Bistro Maell et Augustin

We walked all the way to St. Sulpice Sunday morning. The church is in fine shape. The scaffolding on the front has come down, revealing a rebuilt facade and towers. The famous murals of Eugene Delacroix have been renovated using a protocol developed by an American professor, Richard Wolbers of the University of Delaware. We… Continue reading St. Sulpice and the Bistro Maell et Augustin